Little House in the Big Woods

Before I even begin with Laura Ingalls Wilder ideas… I have a confession to make.

I have always had a really bad attitude about Little House on the Prairie. ūüôĀ

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Thanksgiving – A Time to Remember

Always having young kids around has enabled me to continue reading books and holding on to traditions that we might have otherwise outgrown. One of my favorites is reading Thanksgiving A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey.


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Psych Yourself Up for Thanksgiving

Do we want to teach our children to be thankful?

Do we want to teach them to be content?

Do we want them to appreciate all that God has given them?

We likely need to start with ourselves.


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No-Sew T-Shirt Bag

During the Thanksgiving season last year, the Hearts @ Home Club made bags to fill and give to the homeless.  These are not such a great project for the sewing club, as there is no sewing involved:(  They are a great way to recycle t-shirts though!


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Follow the Lines and Connect the Dots

The first thing I like to have young children do with a sewing machine is to practice sewing on paper, with no thread in the machine.

‚ÄčBefore teaching kids to thread a machine, I like to draw lines on a paper and have them ‘sew’ along the lines without thread.¬†¬†They can ¬†follow straight lines, then wavy lines and lines that turn corners. ¬†Draw any little smiley faces or anything. ¬†You can have lines for them to sew on, or lines to stay between.¬† You can print preschool mazes and connect-the-dot papers¬†from the internet or just¬†rip a page out of a coloring book and ‘sew’ along those lines.¬† The more they learn to control where the machine goes, the less frustrated they will be when you add the thread.

It is a great start to learning control of the machine.¬† They will learn to sew where they intended to sew, turn corners, and raise/lower the presser foot.¬†¬†If your machine does not have speed controls,¬†one of the first things to¬†work on is, well… Controlling their speed.

This paper is not the greatest way to treat your needle, so be prepared to replace it.¬† Also, this is a good time to make sure that your child understands that this is just for learning, but needles and especially sewing scissors are for fabric and thread and NOT PAPER!‚Äč


My Favorite Sewing Machine for Kids

The big question with teaching kids to sew¬†is which machine to buy. I guess it’s the same with anything… You don’t want to spend too much money. They are kids, after all, and may be rough on the machine. Or they might even hate sewing after you make the investment.

On the other hand, if you buy the cheapest machine you can find, it will jam and the thread will tangle and they will definitely hate sewing!

In our sewing class, we have a few different sewing machines, but one is a favorite of mine and this model is also the one the students race to get to РI am afraid that when I replace all of my old machines with this model, nobody will show up on time any more, as that is the current incentive to get to class early;)  But I am gradually working towards replacing all other machines so that everyone will be sewing on the Brother cs6000i. I first saw this machine at Joann Fabrics, but it was too expensive. I later looked it up on Amazon, and it was much cheaper there. Because of this better price, it became the perfect machine for our class.

This Brother has the drop-in bobbin I want, and it also has a speed control, which is wonderful for new students. We are starting our 5th year of classes with these machines still going strong, and they go through quite a bit around here! I haven’t had any problems and they don’t often tangle or jam (other than user error), and that goes a long way with helping the girls enjoy sewing!brothercs.PNG

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Give it Your Touch! Family Drawing

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